Quick Tips To Clean Your Brass Easily With A Wet Tumbler For Brass

What do you expect for a wet tumble for brass? Now we will explore it. Brass is a metal alloy that has been used for centuries to make musical instruments, jewelry, and other objects. It’s also the material of choice for many military medals. But over time, it can tarnish or become stained with dirt or oil. Luckily, there are some easy ways to clean your brass without too much trouble!

With these quick tips, you’ll be able to clean your brass in no time at all! You won’t have to spend hours scrubbing away at stubborn stains anymore. And if you’re looking for something more permanent than just cleaning – we’ve got you covered there too! 

Check out our blog post on how to polish up any piece of brass! Read this article to learn how to quickly and easily clean your brass with a wet tumble for brass, and then check out our blog post on restoring old tarnished metal.

Wet Tumbler For Brass Reviews 2021

Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 Ammo Reloading Tumbler

One of the best parts about this tumbler is how durable it is. The thick rubber liner protects the valuable pieces of brass being polished and the heavy duty steel hexagon barrel is powder coated both inside and out. It is very quiet and I also love how there is a rubber insert in the lid. The unit is easy to use and locks in place so you never have to worry about it opening when in use.

It has a capacity of 17 pounds, which has been more than enough for me to start polishing brass with. There are 2 pieces that screw together to hold the lid in place. The vibration is so minimal, I can hardly tell any noise at all. It comes with a 3 year warranty on the unit and 1 year protection for the motor. All of the ball bearings are made out of steel and roll extremely well. I am one happy customer that has purchased this tumbler by ETR.

This unit comes with a 3 year protection plan for the motor and 1 year warranty on the drum. There is a rubber liner in the drum, which is extremely helpful when it comes to protecting your items being polished. One of the great things about this Tumblr is that it can hold up to 17 pounds. The last thing you want when polishing brass is too little


– The heavy duty steel hexagon barrel is powder coated both inside and out.

– It has a rubber liner in the drum, which protects items being polished.

– You have 1 year warranty on the drum and 3 years protection for the motor.


– It is extremely quiet and has a capacity of holding up to 17 pounds.

Hornady Rotary Case Tumbler

It’s easy to clean the brass cartridge cases with this tumbler. The tumblers are very efficient at cleaning the cases. This is because of the rotary action that is used for tumbling the media along with the cartridges in order to carefully clean them for reloading.

The barrels are fully reliant on wet tumble which is an advantage as it ensures that there is no corrosion on any of your brass cases. There are some disadvantages, however, including that you have to buy sorting trays if you want to organize your media from your cases. There is also a danger that if you overload your tumbler then the motor will shut down.

Luckily, there are plenty of helpful tips online to ensure you can avoid this problem. The actual size of the tumbler is 17.25 inches by 13.5 inches by 12 inches and it weighs around 3 pounds. The total size of the tumbler is fairly compact and this makes it suitable for storing in a garage or shed.


– Easy to clean brass cases

– Uses wet tumble which ensures that there is no corrosion on your brass cases

– The barrels are fully reliant on wet tumble for this reason

– There are some disadvantages including the need to buy sorting trays in order to organize media from cases and a risk of overheating if you overload unit

– There are some helpful tips online to reduce overheating risk and a compact size for storage

– Plenty of videos available on how to clean cases with the wet tumble process



Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler 115V

Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler 115V, a product of Lyman, is large in size and very strong in functions. There are many great features of this product. It’s really easy to use and has a timer to let you know when the rotation is complete; there’s nothing more to do but wait. 

The stainless steel media pins clean cases well and it also cleans better than other designs. There’s also a safety button that will turn off the machine if it’s tipped over and safety protection for both humans and machines. The Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler 115V is very useful for people that enjoy shooting. 

Many people spend money to buy the cases after they shoot and want their brass to look nice. If you don’t clean your brass well, you can’t get the same amount of cashback since the quality of media pins isn’t high enough to make it like new. For people like this, it is important to consider buying the Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumb.


– Size is not too small or too big – can be used in a corner room or closet

– Watch the timer and let it know when the rotation is complete 

– No need to do anything more than wait for it to stop rotating


– Machine might be noisy if you don’t have a machine shop that is soundproof

– Expensive

Frankford Arsenal 645880 Quick

Its features are two cups with handles, four grinding blades, and one lid. The cup’s large hole provides easy access for grinding through small amounts of coffee beans for just one pot. With the bowl, you can easily grind up to 100 grams of coffee beans at a time. 

The blade is not too sharp so it will just crush your beans rather than cutting them into smaller pieces. This tumbler works very well for me because I only need to use it every once in a while. I would recommend this product to people that grind their own coffee beans because it does not require much effort or maintenance.

The features are One 10 inch media sifter, one 3 lb. tub of lube media, one 3 lb. can polish the media. Its design allows the user to complete multiple tasks with one machine. This tumbler can be used as a purely commercial-grade polisher and cleaner, but it is easily capable of polishing family heirlooms or even pieces of fine art. 

The product works great because I only need to use it every once in a while and it’s very easy to use. I recommend this tumbler to anyone who needs to polish something but does not have the money for a commercial-grade tumbler.


-Grinds 100 grams of coffee beans at a time

-Cup’s large hole provides easy access for grinding through small amounts of coffee beans for just one pot

-Blade is not too sharp so it will just crush your beans rather than cutting them into smaller pieces


-The blade is not too sharp, this can lead to grounds getting stuck in it

OrangeA Jewelry Polisher Tumbler

The OrangeA Jewelry Polisher Tumbler is a great hobby for beginners and a great tool for experts. The tumbling process is different from vibratory finishing but the advantage is that the workpiece gets work hardened. This machine has a variety of features, including 5 speeds and timer options to be set from 10-60 minutes. 

The barrel is multi-sided made of tough polycarbonate that is leakproof and will not corrode or rust. It’s used with stainless steel shots or media to be purchased separately. Frequent customer complaints about the machine are that it’s not sturdy enough for tough polishing; you must wash your workpiece (jewelry) with detergent or burnishing compound before putting them in the tumbler; the noise level isn’t quiet.

This tumbler is great for beginners and a great tool for experts. One of the best features includes the 5 speeds & a timer option to be set from 10-60 minutes with barrel dimensions of 190*180mm with 5kg capacity that rotates bidirectionally at 120rpm. The machine noise level isn’t quiet, but it


-Noise level is not very quiet but it’s still good for beginners

-It needs to be used with stainless steel shots or media to purchase separately

-Easy to set a timer

-5 speeds & timer option

-Tumbler rotates bidirectionally at 120rpm

-Barrel is multi-sided, made of tough polycarbonate, is leakproof and will not corrode or rust. Used with all types of media including steel shots.


-This tumbler is great for beginners and a great tool for experts.

Wet Tumbler For Brass

Wet Tumbler For Brass Benefits

The best part about this machine is that you don’t need any chemicals or cleaning products for it; just water! You can use tap water if you want, but distilled water works better since there are no impurities in it (plus it’s cheaper). 

If you’re wondering how all of this happens without chemicals then here’s the science behind it: when the metal goes through tumbling with some sort of liquid -whether its soap or not- dirt particles become suspended within that liquid. 

When they come into contact with the metal pieces they begin to rub against it and in turn remove all of the grime from the surface. This process is also done with a polishing compound, which will help buff out any scratches in your metal. The end result is a totally clean piece of metal without any damage at all!

In short, there are many benefits you may get when having a wet tumbler for brass:

• No-chemicals needed

• Essential for polishing coins, jewelry and other items

• Works on copper, brass, bronze, silver or gold

• Easy to set up and works in less than an hour

• All that’s needed is water, coins or other items you want to clean, and some steel shot (optional)

• Can be used with any type of metal

• Provides high quality results with little effort!

• Much better than harsh chemicals which can corrode

• You don’t need any chemicals or cleaning products

• Save time by not having to scrub your metal clean with abrasive materials

Wet Tumbler For Brass

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wet Tumbler For Brass

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wet tumbler for brass. These include the size of your workshop, the types of metal you will be cleaning, and how often you plan to use it. The following paragraphs provide an overview of these considerations and should help guide your decision.


The size of your workshop is a major consideration when selecting a brass cleaning wet tumbler for several reasons. First, you need to make sure that the machine will fit in your shop or studio. 

You also want to ensure that there is adequate space around the unit to allow it to run without being in danger of it tipping over. Finally, you need to consider the height clearance needed at the top of the unit for loading materials into it, adding polishes, and removing them.

Types of metal

The types of metal that you will be cleaning is another factor to consider when choosing a wet tumbler for brass. You need to consider the types of metal that you will be cleaning with your unit. 

Some cleaners are designed for specific metals only, while others are intended for use on multiple different types. If you plan to clean various types of metal with your cleaning system, then it is best that you select one that is designed for that purpose.


How often you plan to use your wet tumbler is also important. If you intend to use it on a daily or weekly basis, then you will need to make sure that the unit has the capabilities needed to function at peak performance each time. These include a powerful motor and the ability to handle the volume of materials that you will put into it.

Wet Tumbler For Brass

Some useful steps to choose a wet tumbler for brass

Step 1: 

There are some factors to consider when choosing a wet tumbler kit for cleaning brass. You want something lightweight so it won’t take up too much space in your home or cause back pain with extended use; compact enough so it can fit on any shelf or countertop; durable enough not to break down after prolonged use; and able to handle even larger items like trays and vases, if necessary. 

Step 2: 

You should also look for a model that has an adjustable tumbling mechanism to prevent damage to the items inside; comes with its own set of cleaning solutions to offer versatility in your cleaning options; is easy enough for anyone to use, even kids or senior citizens who want to help out; and includes a clear window so you can see your items at all times. 

Step 3: 

A wet tumbler kit for cleaning brass should also be safe to use around children, pets, and adults without the risk of injuries or damage to nearby surfaces.

FAQs about Wet Tumbler For Brass

What does the “normal” setting mean on the dial of my new tumbling machine?

Most likely, this is the spin speed setting. Most tumblers will have this option with different speeds you can choose like “slow” or “normal.” Most rotary tumblers use a motor to power the rotation of the barrel and metal items inside it. This creates kinetic energy which in turn creates centrifugal force which tampers with balances of solids and liquids within your goods. 

The most important parameter to look for when choosing a rotary tumbler is rpm (revolutions per minute) since that will mean how fast your barrel spins when in operation. A typical barrel might rotate at around 60 rpm safely, but anything higher than that could start making noise or even damaging your products if they are not well balanced in the barrel. 

Wet Tumbler For Brass

Is it safe with kids?

It is safe with kids because it’s harmless machine rotates its container at high speeds to remove the water. Wet Tumbler For Brass is a machine for little kids, it contains water and they don’t hurt each other.

What makes Wet Tumbler For Brass different from its competitors? It is safe for pets and kids, because it doesn’t contain any electric parts. There are different types of machines with different price tags, but Wet Tumbler For Brass is not expensive. And finally, it doesn’t hurt the pets and kids.

Can I clean trays and vases with this machine?

Absolutely! One of the many reasons this machine is so effective is that it washes items with strong water pressure, so you can even get hard to reach spots on trays and vases.

The deep barrel of the rollers also helps remove more of your pesky stains, so you don’t have to scrub as hard when doing a final wipe-down. This makes it a perfect choice for people looking for an easy way to clean all their brass pieces inside and out without spending too much time on them.

Plus, using warm water also ensures that all bacteria will be killed in the process (a valuable perk when dealing with food service friends). You’ll never experience any last minute corrosion or tarnishing after each use because we make sure that all of our customers’ items stay shiny and polished inside and out!

How To Clean Brass With Distilled Water

Your brass is really easy to clean with distilled water. All you need for this process is a wet tumbler and some distilled water. It’s important to use cold, as hot water will give off the same hazardous fumes that we put into the air by burning fossil fuels. 

Never pour any metal down your sink or toilet – it can clog up your pipes and cause them to back up with sewage! Metal polish removers and steel wool should never be used on brass – they’re far too abrasive and can leave scratches behind (in addition, they’ll create more emissions) which comes with the very real health risk of developing asthma or bronchitis! 

Be Safe When Cleaning Brass With Water!

Wet tumbling brass is not safe because it uses water. If you use hot water, it can produce toxic fumes. Also, there are chances of getting an electric shock. So it is not safe to clean brass with water.

Wet Tumbler For Brass

It’s not a good idea to use a wet tumbler with water, because of the health risk. There are some safety precautions that you always need to be aware of, when using any kind of tumbling machine.

– Make sure there’s no room for water to splash out of the barrel when turning it on.

– Make sure to keep all loose objects away from the wet tumbler.

– When you’re not using it, make sure that there is nothing in the barrel or catch tray – this keeps water from dripping onto any electrical components.

– Turn off the machine immediately, if you feel any vibration or hear a funny noise.

– Lastly, make sure that your hands are dry before touching the wet tumbler’s electrical components – this prevents shocks from happening!

-Never use distilled water in hot weather. Distilled water is very easy to evaporate and it could cause heat problems inside the unit.

-Never tumble larger metal pieces for a longer period. If you are tumbling bigger metals, take them out periodically so they won’t get overheated inside the unit.

-Never dry tumble brass with other types of metals. Put only brass inside the machine to prevent scuff marks and scratches on the surface of your brass.

-Turn off the unit when not in use.

-Keep your hands dry while operating.


The Wet Tumbler for brass is a great tool for cleaning your brass. It’s fast and easy to use, affordable and will save you time in the long run from having to clean it up manually with soapy water or an expensive machine.

The best part? You can exercise some patience as well by waiting until colder months when most people don’t want to be outside before using this product! Although it is a bit pricey, the Wet Tumble is well worth it if you want to save time and money in the long run!

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