USB C Dust Cover Reviews: Protect Sensitive Electronics From Dust And Dirt

If you’re looking for the best way to protect your expensive electronics, then look no further. A USB C Dust Cover is an easy solution that will keep your device safe and secure.

With so many options available, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you! We have reviews of some of our favorite covers on this page so take a look at what we think are the best ones out there today.

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USB C Dust Cover Reviews 2023

VIWIEU Anti Dust

You’ve earned the best, and VIWIEU Anti Dust is here to provide! These USB-C dust covers are constructed of quality aluminum with a Machined cut that allows them to fit snuggly into your type C charging port.

Not only do these plugs protect your device, but they also make it more sturdy, long-lasting, plus attractive! Sand, dust, dampness, dirt, pocket lint, even weak internal connections aren’t a problem.

The VIWIEU anti-dust is one of our favorites. They fit precisely into our phone’s USB-C connector, give water and dust protection, and thus are constructed of excellent alloy, as we have discovered.

Not to mention, they are easy to clean and maintain. Users can even attach it to their key ring, making them easy to carry. You can also clean the dust plugs with wet wipes/cloth.

One of the best features is that customers will receive an ejection pin for their SIM / SD cards. When required, you may quickly detach their SIM / SD cards. This device covers all of the basics, is simple to use, and its Type – c dust plugs are highly recommended!

Furthermore, VIWIEU Anti Dust is made of a superior alloy that fits snugly into your type C charging port, so you’ll never have to bother about dirt or pocket dust. You also won’t have to be concerned about water damage.

This is a great product for users who are on the go, or who work outside because it protects against dirt and grime that accumulates when working or commuting. It keeps your phone safe from dust that can get into the USB-C port through small openings around the charging port.

Plus, they are durable and long-lasting, look great and keep your phone safe from daily wear damage. We tried to drop our phone once with the cover without any damage to the phone and we also tried it with water and sand and there was no issue. 

Another advantage of the VIWIEU anti-dust is that it has a cable attachment that keeps your USB-C port cover in place when charging. The earphone plug may also be used as a SIM / SD card replacement port.

What we really like about these USB-C dust covers is that they are dual purpose, you can also use them as a replacement for your headphone jack. 

They fit properly and are simple to open at any moment. This product comes with a 1-month worry-free purchasing guarantee.

Furthermore, there is something that we would like to mention about this product, the only thing that could make it better is if they had more colors to choose from. Still, we really like this product and recommend it!

Overall, we think the VIWIEU Anti Dust is great. We like using this product and we know it will make other people happy, too! We highly recommend VIWIEU Anti Dust for anyone looking for a USB-C dust plug.


– Compatible with every type-C ports

– Protect phone from dirt, grime, water, and sand

– Durable, long-lasting and looks great. 

– Easy to clean with wet wipes/cloth. 


– None

VIWIEU Dust Cover

Viwieu’s Dust Cover is an excellent dust and grime protection for sensitive devices. Anti-dust connector charms, two sets of spiral cord protectors, as well as a transparent storage box are included in the bundle.

This product is great for cell phones, laptops, and other devices since it’s specifically designed to fit many different types of ports. 

The anti-dust connector charms are extremely simple to put on and remove, so you don’t have to bother about them becoming stuck or damaging your device! These cable protectors, likewise, increase the lifespan of your wires while being compact enough to slip in most cases & pockets. 

We really like that Viwieu Dust Cover has an amazing no-risk replacement service that will replace the product if you aren’t happy with it for any reason. 

It’s also really helpful that the package includes two anti-dust plugs, two spiral protectors, and one storage box because it makes this special offer even more worthwhile!

Moreover, this product is not only effective in keeping your devices clean but it also looks great! This makes it a really aesthetically pleasing accessory, which isn’t something you can say about most similar products.

Another helpful thing about this product is that it’s cheap and affordable. Users can even buy it in bulk if they want to. So you don’t have to worry about overpaying for the features and design of this product. 

Not to add, Viwieu provides a six-month worry-free guarantee plus repair services, so if you purchase this stuff really don’t like it for just any reason, you can simply return it. This is really handy, and it adds to the entire enjoyment of the purchase!

VIWIEU Dust Cover provides users with peace of mind while protecting their devices. We also love that it’s affordable and stylish. This product is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to keep your devices clean while also being able to travel with them easily.

The only problem that we noticed was that the cable protectors are pretty thin so they might break if you bend them too many times. Other than that we feel that this product is definitely one of the top dust covers available and we would definitely recommend it to anyone!

All in all, this is a great product to use when you’re outdoors and need dust protection for your device!

Overall, we think that Viweieu Dust Cover is a really great product! It’s efficient in its function to protect gadgets from dust and dirt while also being extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

We would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants an easy way to protect their devices from dirt!


– This dust cover is great because it’s specifically designed to fit many different types of ports 

– Includes anti-dust plugs, which prevent dirt from getting into your device

– The cable protectors are able to prolong the life of your cords


– The cable protectors are pretty thin so they might break if you bend them too many times

uxcell 10pcs

The uxcell 10pcs USB type C cover is a small, inexpensive dust cover to protect your type C port (cable). 

If you are like me and hate lint getting into your type C port on your laptop or even on your new phone, this small, portable dust cover will help keep the collected lint out of the type C port. 

The size is what makes this product so convenient. Not only can it just fit your laptop, but you can also carry it with you everywhere you go in your laptop bag! This product would also be great for traveling abroad if you have an adapter that is not grounded for a 120V outlet.

This little cover might fit users’ needs exactly because it has a hole in the center so you will not plug something into your computer that is covered up. 

We love these dust covers, just putting them on your cables and USBs can protect them from damage as well as lint and dirt! 

They can fit snugly around your type C USB connections and make it easier to put in and pull out of your computer. We like that they are small and only stick up around 1/8 of an inch.

These dust covers made it easy to stop worrying about lint or dirt getting in your USB type C port which is great for any busy person who’s always on the go. They’re also very cheap and come in a 10 pack so if you lose a couple or they break you would not be too upset.

This uxcell can also protect your type c USB from damage or lint. These uxcell USB type c cable dust covers are small, simple covers for your cable to make sure nothing gets in the interior of the cable itself. 

These small accessories can protect your devices from scratches, wear and tear or other types of damage while offering a neat solution to storage issues. They are small and will fit most cables, but we think they would work best for your USB type C cord with an aluminum connector.

These dust covers are also perfect for protecting your devices from the cruel climate we live in as well as those pesky pets that might lick them! We found these to be very affordable, making it easier to give your cables the protection they deserve.

However, one drawback to this cover is that it doesn’t fit perfectly because the opening in the middle isn’t round and therefore doesn’t come out smooth when plugged in. That can sometimes be hard to get the type C inserted into because of this little issue. 

Still, if you’re not using type C to charge your laptop, this is a great little accessory. This dust cover is durable and thick enough to protect your cable, but still flexible. 

We love that it’s small, portable, and easy to bring anywhere you go on your laptop or in your bag! Overall these are great inexpensive little accessories that can help keep your USB type C protected from dirt and lint. 



-10 in the pack for a cheaper cost

-Causes no damage to type c port 


-No perfect fit for cable

iKammo Dust Cover

The iKammo Dust Cover plugs are a useful addition to any tech-savvy person’s life. The USB-C plugs conform to the size and shape of most smartphones and laptops with helpful ports. 

Another advantage of this product would be that the USB dust plugs stay firmly in position even when you shift your equipment, unlike the other USB plugs that come unstuck or get buried in your luggage throughout your journey.

After continuous usage, several customers reported no indications of damage, making this a fantastic choice for anybody looking for sturdy, long-lasting protection for their computer or smartphone.

It comes in a convenient twenty-pack and it’s backed by a warranty in case you have any problems with the product itself. Plus, it’s made of durable materials that are built to last. 

One feature we appreciate is that these plugs are constructed of high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly material that protects your gadgets from dust, sand, and dirt.

Another advantage of this product would be that the USB dust plugs stay firmly in position even when you shift your devices, unlike other dust plugs that come unstuck or get buried in your luggage throughout your journey.

Their simple design and color make them easy to match with any laptop or smartphone, and since they come in a 20-pack, you’ll be ready to plug when applicable. 

Furthermore, these covers are compact enough to slip into the case of your computer or smartphone. In this way, if your laptop gets too hot, the USB-C ports will not be destroyed or damaged. And there will be no change of form or match even after many years.

Plus, this iKammo Dust Plug is a simple yet practical product to keep your devices safe from lint, dirt, and grime. The USB-C plug is made from a high-quality silicone material that allows these plugs to keep your devices safe from damage. 

The one drawback we can see is if you have an iPhone model; this product doesn’t fit into the designated port. Still, if you have a USB-C compatible device, this product is worth your consideration.

If you are in the market for USB-C dust plugs, iKammo products offer a competitive choice. Overall, the iKammo Dust Cover is a good buy for anyone who needs protective plugs for their USB-C smartphones or laptops. 


– If your laptop gets too hot, there’s no chance of it melting and harming your ports.

– They come in a 20-pack, so they’re always handy to have on hand.

– The plugs are thin enough that they’ll fit into your phone or laptop’s case.


– Doesn’t fit into the designated port for iPhone models.


The TITACUTE USB Type-C Dust Plug is a product of TITACUTE. With this high-quality attachment, you can protect your phone from dirt, dust, debris, fluids, filth, pocket lint, and far more.

Every plug is made using premium-grade aluminum and silicone material that is durable and lightweight. The plugs are designed to fit perfectly in any type of charging port without removing your phone case. 

The plugs’ dimensions are accurate enough to keep your ports secure. You won’t have to think about missing your USB Type C Dust Plug because it includes a compact storage packing bag.

One great feature about this dust plug that we like is the aluminum and silicone material make it durable when you drop your phone. We also like that this is easy to use and there is no need to remove the phone case, which is great for those who are always on the go. 

TITACUTE stands by their product with a 180-day no worry replacement. They will even price match if you find a better deal on Amazon. That is awesome! If you are looking for a good Type-C Dust Plug, this is the one to get.

TITACUTE dust plugs also fit nicely in the charging outlets of your phone, so you won’t have to bother about them slipping out. They’re also incredibly simple to use, plus they include a little storage box.

We also like that TITACUTE stands by their product, which tells us that they really believe in it. If you are looking for a great dust plug for your Type-C charging port, the TITACUTE is the one to get.

Not to mention the TITACUTE dust plugs are made from premium grade aluminum and silicone material, which makes them virtually impossible to destroy. 

The TITACUTE also fits snugly into one’s phone’s charging port without requiring users to remove their phone cover.

TITACUTE was founded with a vision that all electronic devices will be closely matched to human life, and they will provide the highest quality products to achieve this goal. In addition to USB Type-C dust plugs, they also have a wide variety of other Type C Ports as well as lightning ports, and much more! 

Overall, the TITACUTE USB Type-C Dust Plug is one of the best dust plugs on the market for your type-c charging port. We highly recommend it, because it is made with durable aluminum and silicone material which is virtually impossible to destroy. 


– Made with durable aluminum and silicone material that are virtually impossible to destroy

– If you have any problems, customer support is fantastic.

– Fits neatly in one’s phone’s charging station without removing their phone case

– Ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go.


– The plugs don’t come in different colors or design

USB C Dust Cover Benefits

The USB C Dust Cover is a small, inexpensive accessory that will protect your expensive electronics from dust and dirt. It’s especially important for people who live in dusty environments like the desert or near the ocean. 

usb c dust cover

The cover has a hole cut into it to allow you to plug in cables without removing the cover. Plugging in your cables every time you use them takes only seconds and keeps all of your devices clean and free from damage.

The USB C Dust Cover is made of an elastic-like material so it stretches over any size device while still providing protection against dust and dirt intrusion. It also includes two adhesive strips on each side so that once stretched over your device, it stays put until removed by hand with no residue left behind when peeled off.

• Protect expensive electronics from dust and dirt

• Stretchable elastic-like material to fit any size device

• Includes adhesive strips for easy application and removal

• Includes hole for connecting cables without having to remove the cover

• Keeps all of your devices clean and free from damage

Factors To Consider When Choosing USB C Dust Cover

It is a very important thing to have a USB C Dust Cover. The dust and dirt that gets into the ports can be dangerous for your electronics. If there is any kind of foreign object inside the port, it will cause serious damage which could lead to expensive repairs or replacements. 

In order to protect sensitive electronic devices from dust and dirt, you should use an appropriate USB C Dust Cover whenever possible. 

usb c dust cover

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can select one that best suits your needs. 


You need to figure out what size would work best for you before buying anything else because different sizes offer different benefits and there may only be certain sizes available in stock at certain times of the year if they’re popular enough.

You should consider what size of USB C Dust Cover you need. The standard variant is about 80 x 30 mm which will work with an average set of headphones.

There are also some smaller ones on the market that are the size of a typical headphone jack. It’s common for people to use these with their Beats headphones because they reduce the risk of losing them by clipping them onto a key chain.


If you have different devices, you should consider choosing a USB C Dust Cover that will fit them all. Otherwise, you’re going to need to buy several and this may end up costing more than the initial investment in the first place.

Keep in mind that the style of the USB C Dust Cover you choose will depend on your personal preference. There are some smartphones where color matching is available, but it’s more common to use neutral tones for this kind of product.

Special Features

There are some special features that can make using USB C Dust Cover a lot easier. For example, some types allow you to plug right into the device without having to remove it from the cover first. This may only be useful in certain situations, however.

Therefore, you need to think about where and how you’ll be using your USB C Dust Cover. If it’s going to be a permanent feature on one of your devices, investing in a design with a built-in charging cable may save you a lot of time down the road.


The final thing to think about is the price. You will find that there are many types of USB C Dust Cover available at many different prices. 

usb c dust cover

If you have a very limited budget, try not to compromise too much on quality because this could increase your repair costs in the long run. Otherwise, consider spending a little bit more money on something that works well and is worth the initial investment.

Your Needs

Most importantly, you need to think about your own specific needs before making a purchase. For example, if you are constantly traveling with devices, you should consider investing in something that will last under the demanding conditions of travel.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider your needs before you make a purchase. In this way, you can be sure that the USB C Dust Cover you choose will work well for your situation.

Here’s an informative video for better visualization:

FAQs about USB C Dust Cover

What Are The Dimensions Of This Charger?

The USB-C Dust Cover measures 7.5x4x2.2 inches and provides enough length and height for your electronics to be plugged in while sitting on a flat surface without worry of damaging them from dust or dirt entering the connections on the underside of devices.

Overall, the USB C Dust Cover is a great solution to keep your devices protected from dirt and other external elements that might damage sensitive electronics.

Does This Product Come In Different Colors Other Than Black And White? 

This cover comes in black and white, but depending on the needs of your design aesthetic it may be worth looking into the Flourish USB-C Dust Caps.

usb c dust cover

For your information, Flourish Dust Caps are finished with an artistic flair to create a sophisticated look while still protecting your USB-C port. The Flourish covers are available in black, white, or clear. 

Can More Than One Of These Fit On The Same Outlet?

Yes, you can use multiple USB C dust caps on the same outlet and still fit multiple devices.

Take note that if you place a device and then plug in another USB-C accessory, the additional accessory may block the first one. So, make sure you have the accessories situated in a way that will allow for access to all ports.

How Do I Keep It Attached To My Cable? 

The USB C Dust Cover is an add-on accessory that doesn’t replace your existing cap or cover for your USB-C device’s charging cable.

This add-on accessory is meant to add an additional layer of protection and keep your USB-C device charging cable clean, trimmed, and ready for use. You can simply attach the USB-C Dust Cover onto your existing cable by snapping it on.

How Much Will This Cover Protect My Device?

This dust cover will provide a great amount of protection from debris and dust in the air when left out or plugged in, however it is not recommended to be used while transporting devices.

usb c dust cover

You should consider the material of your device if you are looking to use this cover on a portable USB-C accessory. If it is made out of metal, glass, or plastic, the dust cover will provide an added layer of protection from outside elements.


The USB C Dust Cover is a great way to protect your expensive electronics from dust and dirt. It’s made of premium silicone, which means it will last for years without breaking or tearing. 

You can use the USB C Dust Cover as an outer layer on any device with a lightning port, such as iPhones and iPads. The product also comes in sizes that fit most laptops, so you can keep them protected when they are not being used at home or work. 

To learn more about this innovative new product before ordering one today, check out those links above!

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