Owning The Perfect Orlimar Wedges – Essential Tips To Follow When Buying A New One

Orlimar is most famous for its putters, but they make a lot of other golf products as well. One product, in particular, is the Orlimar wedges. A wedge is meant to be used from about 100 yards out on a green and it’s designed to help you get the ball up and onto the green where it can be more easily scooped up by your golfer. 

If you’re looking for a new set of wedges, then this article is for you. We’ll go over how to pick the perfect club and what features are important to look out for when buying one. 

You’ll also learn about the different types of wedges available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing your next set. This will help you find the perfect wedge clubs that suit your needs and budget. Read more now!

Orlimar Wedges Reviews 2023

Orlimar Golf Stratos Hybrid Wedge

The Orlimar Golf Stratos Hybrid Wedge is coming in at a low price on Amazon. The wedges use a cross between the hollow-bodied iron and hybrid for maximum gaming improvement performance. The club is ideal for recreational golfers aiming for extra distance and good contact at impact, especially with longer clubs.

Its variable sole width helps with longer clubs, which is most needed, and transitions to score clubs that appear traditionally at address. This means that you can get all of your needs met when it comes to wedges, allowing you to focus on your short game rather than worrying about mis-hits on your long shots. 

The cup-thin face’s variable thickness structure allows its face to bend, increasing ball distance and speed. The stainless steel head provides an excellent power transmission from its club towards the ball for maximum range. This is an affordable option that has been gaining popularity on Amazon.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for the recreational golfer who is seeking added distance with more solid contact at impact, especially in the longer clubs where it’s most needed
  • Variable sole width provides more assistance in the longer clubs where it would be needed most and transitions to scoring clubs that look more traditional at address


  • Could lead to an occasional mishit if only using one type of club

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl’s Individual Golf Clubs

The Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl’s Individual Golf Club is a good choice for young girls who are new to golf. This set includes an oversized clubhead, meaning that you can swing with less effort and hit the ball more smoothly than with regular-sized clubs.

The set includes a short shaft and a flexible composite material, making it easier for beginners to hit the ball because it gives them more torque and power to get the ball off the ground. It also comes with a headcover, so your club doesn’t get damaged in your bag, and you know where it is when you need it.

This set would be perfect for anyone who wants to start as a beginner!


  • Oversized club head is easy for beginners to swing and hit the ball with less effort
  • Shaft is short and uses flexible composite material to give more torque and power
  • Comes with a cover so your club doesn’t get damaged in the bag- Perfect for anyone who wants to start as a beginner!


  • Not much variety in clubs available for this set.

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs are a perfect choice for a 5-year-old boy between the heights of 3’8″ to 4’4″. The clubs have a flexible composite shaft that is 28.5 inches in length, and it’s right-handed. There is a rubber grip on the club for comfort and control.

Customers who have bought Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs say that the clubs are lightweight and easy to handle, even for kids. The clubs come with a black cover to keep dust away. A customer states that her son loves it more than the old clubs he has had for five years now.

Another customer says that the clubs have a good feel and balance. Although he has not used them yet, his son says that they are very comfortable to hold. A customer who bought the club for her 3-year-old daughter had some issues with it as she could not fit it properly.

Otherwise, most customers were satisfied with their Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs purchase.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle, even for kids
  • Good feel and balance
  • Compatible with handicap ranges of 5.0-8.0


  • Might be too short for taller kids

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs Right Hand (Ages 3-5)

The Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs Right Hand (Ages 3-5) is the perfect option for beginners of any age. It was made with a composite shaft that is highly flexible and soft rubber grip to make it easy to hit the ball and play like a pro, even for those who haven’t yet grown enough to handle a standard set of golf clubs!

The Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs Right Hand (Ages 3-5) are marvelous because they are specifically designed for children, so there is no worry about the club being too long or needing weight added.

This product would be perfect for your little one, whether they are just starting golf or looking to build onto their skills. This product has an excellent rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Many parents are happy to have found this for their kids because it is better than renting clubs, which can be expensive once you factor in renting them each season. This set will last your child a long time and help them become more interested in the game.

Parents also like that this set of clubs is not too heavy, so their kids can easily handle it to tee off. One parent who purchased the Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs Right Hand (Ages 3-5) said that her son loved it and swung his club within an hour of opening the box.

Some parents, who had purchased it for their kids, said that they could start playing with it immediately. Another thing that makes this product stand out is its affordable price. Moms and dads are finding very few other products on the market designed for children at this low price point.

There are some other great features of the Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs Right Hand(Ages 3-5), like its flexible grip that makes it easy to hold. This is also a very lightweight product, challenging to find in clubs designed for children.

This set is of great quality and would make an excellent gift for your kid. This product is worth checking out if you are in the market for a new club or just want to add some variety to your child’s toy chest! They can use it to learn how to play golf and then take it with them as they start entering tournaments.


  • Grip
  • The price


  • It’s not metal

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs, Right Hand (Ages 9-12)

The Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs are an excellent choice for any boy from nine to twelve years old or between heights of four foot four inches to five feet. The club is built for flexibility with a composite shaft and soft rubber grip.

The club also has various colors to choose from, making it the perfect accessory for the young golfer.


  • The shaft is flexible and made from composite material, which is durable
  • This set comes in a variety of colors so it can be personalized to any golfer’s style


  • It may be too short for taller children

Orlimar Wedges Benefits

The demand for golf equipment has increased in recent years. Golfers everywhere want to improve their game and experience the thrill of a hole-in-one. If you are one of those people, you must use the right clubs and accessories, such as Orlimar wedges, so you can take your game to the next level.

In this part, we will discuss some of the benefits of using these wedges. The first benefit is that they have been designed from scratch by top engineers worldwide who specialize in creating golf club designs.

These professionals understand all there is to know about designing an effective wedge and making sure it offers reliable performance every time you hit a shot with it on a course or driving range. These are high-quality wedges that are made using modern materials and cutting-edge technology.

Orlimar wedges

When you purchase a wedge, it should be durable, comfortable to use, and also look great so you can proudly display it in your golf equipment bag. You should buy yourself an Orlimar wedge if you want to perfect your short game and lower your scores.

If you enjoy playing this sport, then you must take the time to improve your technique and approach shots with one of these wedges in your hands. When it comes to hitting those short pitches and tiny chips close to the green, there is simply no better wedge around than an Orlimar model.

Golfers who decide to purchase one of these clubs will chip and pitch like a pro in no time flat with all the practice they put in.

The next advantage is that these wedges are ideal for golfing with your friends or family members. This means men, women, boys, and girls can all use the same wedges and have a blast playing sport together. Of course, another advantage of owning a wedge is that it will help you become a more versatile player.

These wedges can be used on various courses and playing surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about changing your equipment based on the golf course. This means you can focus more on perfecting your technique and lesson training yourself to use different clubs.

Orlimar wedges are great because they are easy to use and offer a wide range of benefits for golfers who want to improve their short games. Orlimar is a leading producer when it comes to creating high-quality golf wedges that are designed for amateurs and pros alike. Here are some of the most interesting facts you should know about these excellent clubs:

  • The first-ever Orlimar wedge was made in the 1960s and has since become widely popular among golfers worldwide.
  • These wedges are smaller than average clubs because they were designed for chipping, pitching, sand traps, and other short shots. The purpose of these clubs is to help you control the ball better when hitting from close range.
  • A few different clay composite materials are used in the making of Orlimar wedges, including standard materials such as graphite and concrete. These materials are used to create the unique design of each club, which is an essential factor in determining how well it performs when in use.
  • The best-selling wedge from Orlimar is called Windy City and has been designed for players who want better control over their short game. This wedge offers excellent grip performance and is best used by beginners or amateurs who need more consistency when hitting short shots.
  • The S-7W is another of their top-selling products because it has been designed for players who use a  standard stance and swing. This wedge is also perfect for those who enjoy hitting shots from close range and need a lot of help keeping the ball low on the green.
  • Wedges are designed to keep your shot as low as possible so you will be able to chip, pitch, and put t the ball more easily. 

The Orlimar Golf Company builds wedges designed to provide golfers with excellent control, accuracy, and performance. These clubs are available for beginners and experienced pros, so no one will be left out when it comes to perfecting their game.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Orlimar Wedges

Orlimar wedges

Choosing golf clubs can be a tricky task. You have to take into account the type of course you play, your playing style, and how often you play before making any purchase decisions. It’s also important to understand what makes one wedge better than another.

This part will provide five factors to consider when choosing the Orlimar wedges.

Grip Type

One of the most important considerations is grip type because it affects how easily the club can be maneuvered in different directions during a swing. There are two main types of grips – standard and oversized – which offer slightly different levels of control for shots with varying distances from the hole or green surface.

Generally speaking, larger hands require an oversized grip while smaller-handed players can get away with a standard grip

Club Face Type

Wedges come with either a milled or forged clubface. Both milled and forged items are manufactured from high-quality metals, but the main difference between them is the weight of the product itself. Milled faces tend to be lighter than forged faces because more metal is removed from the surface during production.

This makes milled wedges a better choice for players looking to play a more accurate and precise game

Sole Plate Type

Orlimar wedges

Players who want an authentic wedge experience can benefit from choosing a model that comes with a traditional soleplate. Forged steel, which is used in the construction of these types of wedges, is polished down to the bare metal during the manufacturing process

Milled wedges are also very popular among golfers because they come with deep grooves etched into their soles to ensure maximum absorption of impact force. Players looking for a high-grip surface on their wedges can choose models that have flat or V-shaped grooves on their soles

Forged wedges, on the other hand, come with a smooth sole that is designed to create less friction between the ground and club. Players who want to loft or bounce their shots upwards will find this type of wedge beneficial when taking practice strokes around the green


There are two different types of grinds: open and closed. These terms refer to the shape of the clubface itself and how the grooves on the face interact with each other.

The vast majority of wedges come with an open-faced design, which means they feature a high toe and low heel. This style is suitable for players who like to play on the green with a full swing because it makes it easier to move the ball in different directions. Open-faced wedges are also better at shooting out of sand traps.

Closed faces, on the other hand, have a high heel and low toe. Players who like to take shorter shots can benefit from this type of wedge because it allows them to take a stationary stance and make shots directly from their line of vision. Closer contact with the ground means easier control over the ball’s movement.

Orlimar wedges


When choosing an Orlimar Wedge, it’s important to consider lofting because this affects how the ball bounces off the face after impact. The lofts you’ll find on a wedge depending on the length of the shaft.

If you’re under 60 inches, your club will have between 30 and 45 degrees. Over 60 inches? You can expect to see lofting that ranges from 50 to as high as 64 degrees.

When looking at wedges, one important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is backspin. This is important because it affects how high the ball bounces off the green on impact.

Spinning reduces backspin, which means that shots with lots of spins will roll along very quickly. Low-spinning wedges are generally used by players who want to control their short game and thus require a higher degree of accuracy in their shots.

One other thing to keep in mind is that high-loft wedges produce less backspin than low-loft models. Keep the above tips in mind as you shop for your next wedge. You should also take a look at Orlimar’s selection of lob wedges, which are designed for shots from distances around 100 yards and further.

No matter what your skill level, you’re sure to find a model that’s right for you!

FAQs About Orlimar Wedges

  • Are Orlimar wedges made from heavy metal like their irons and woods?

The weight of the metal in a wedge is also an important factor worth considering when choosing between different models. Milled wedges are lighter than forged wedges because more metal has been removed from their surface during production.

This makes milled wedges a better choice for players looking to play a more accurate and precise game.

Orlimar wedges
  • Are they generally used by professionals or amateurs?

As with any product, there are pros and cons to using a specific wedge. Higher-loft wedges generally offer more accuracy and control than lower-loft models, which makes them better suited for players who want to improve their short game.

  • How long is the shaft?

It’s important to consider the length of the shaft because it affects the distance you can hit your shots. Larger players should look for longer shafts, which can increase their swing speed and allow them to reach further distances.

If you’re looking for increased accuracy, shorter models are better suited because they allow players to easily correct their shots and ensures that the ball doesn’t fly off-course.

  • What is the best way to store and maintain my wedge?

The best way to keep your wedges in top condition is by storing them safely when they’re not in use. A good method of storage is to attach a loop on one of the clubs and hang it from a peg or hook at either end of your garage.

It’s also important to keep your wedges clean, as grime and debris on their surfaces can affect how you play on the green. A wet towel will do the trick.

  • Is it hard to shaft my Orlimar wedges?

Reshafting your wedge can be done by any professional club-fitter at a local golf shop. It’s important to get this job done, though, because it can affect how your wedges perform on the green.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your short game and accuracy, we recommend choosing a wedge with a high loft. This will allow you to easily correct and fine-tune your shots so that they land where you want them to!


The perfect golf Orlimar wedges can be difficult to find, which is why you must know what type of wedge will work best for your needs. Whether you’re a pro golfer or an amateur looking to improve your short game, we have the Orlimar Wedge for you!

Our expert team has compiled all the information and tips needed to make an informed decision when purchasing a new club. From lofting options to shaft lengths, our blog post should help make this process much easier on both you and your wallet!

The next time someone asks “What kind of golf clubs do I need?” just point them here so they can take advantage of these helpful resources before going out and spending money on equipment they don’t need. Thanks for reading.

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