Best 12 Gauge Power Strip: Fantastic Products To Charge Your Electronics

The 12 gauge power strip is a fantastic invention that can be used to protect your electronics from surges. This type of power strip, which is much thicker than the standard one, was designed with industrial settings in mind. It’s specially made for use in factories and other high-voltage areas where voltage fluctuations are common.

A 12-gauge power strip is a great way to charge your electronics. The cord that comes with it is 6-feet long, which will keep you from having to sit too close to an outlet when charging your device. The entire thing measures only 1 inch by 2 inches, making it easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack when traveling without taking up much space at all.

The 12 gauge power strip is perfect for any workstation, garage, or workshop. It provides the ports you need to charge multiple devices at once and comes with four universal charging adapters. It’s also very lightweight and durable because of its aluminum casing, so if you’re looking for something small but powerful, keep reading this article as we will give you the best 12 gauge power strip.

12 Gauge Power Strip Reviews 2021

APC Surge Protector with Extension Cord 15 Ft

APC surge protector is a 15 feet long power strip that has eight grounded outlets. It also has three recessed outlets that are Wall Wart spaced, which will give you more convenience while using it. This type of surge protector is the best choice for use in sensitive electronic devices because it protects them from voltage spikes. With a six foot-long grounding cord, this product should be enough to protect your electronics while avoiding any tangled wires or other frustrations caused by normal extension cords.

APC Surge Protector with Extension Cord 15 Ft comes with two bonus 6-foot long chords that can take up less space than you might think and provide an extra 12 feet of electricity coverage – perfect if you happen to have one spot left on your desktop but need another somewhere else.

The APC surge protector is a very high quality, well-designed product that will protect your electronics from surges. It’s designed with industrial settings in mind, so it would be a great way to have backup power supplies for tools or other devices on-site at a factory. For workstations and garages, the extension cord length makes this a very practical choice of the power strip. The cost isn’t prohibitively expensive either, which makes it an exceptional option across the board!

This surge protector comes with an extension cord that makes it easy to plug your devices into a power source. The unit comes with plugs for all the different types of electronics you might need and is heavy-duty and reliable. You can get this for home or office use and it will protect your electronics from surges while providing convenience and performance.


– Two bonus 6-foot chords provide up to 12 feet of power source.

– It has two outlets that are Wall Wart spaced for added convenience.

– Also comes with 8 grounded outlets for industrial settings.


– The pins are too close together

12Foot Extra Long Cord Power Strip Surge Protector

The 12-Foot Extra Long Cord Power Strip Surge Protector is a great option for power surges. It has 1,680 Joules of surge protection capacity, meaning it can help prevent your computers and home appliances from being destroyed in the event of an extreme voltage spike. With four different outlets to plug into, you have easy access to everything plugged in together. This product is ideal for homes with lots of electronics that are prone to spikes or live in an area where there are frequent blackouts.

Power strips are great for use with all sorts of electronic gadgets that you might not be able to plug into a nearby wall socket. Most standard power outlets only allow the use of two plugs at one time, which puts your expensive phone and laptop chargers at risk when it comes to accidentally unplugging or tripping over them.

The 12 Foot Extra Long Cord Power Strip Surge Protector solves this problem by giving you more than enough spacing between plugs and up to six extra outlets so that your devices stay stable and connected.

The company that brings you a wide variety of products can now take care of your office needs as well! Even the largest and bulky appliances will be accommodated with the 12Foot Extra Long Cord Power Strip Surge Protector.

Powered by a heavy duty metal housing there is little need to worry about chips or cracks which allow dust particles to enter the face, this surge protector provides an uninterrupted performance for all aspects of your work life. In addition, this device has been designed with an integrated cord management system that ensures no accidents happen when operating at full capacity.

This power strip is perfect for any situation. The 12 Foot extra long cord provides easy access to outlets behind furniture or in difficult places without having to crawl around on the floor. And surge protection with 3 AC outlet give you the peace of mind knowing your electronics are safe from dangerous spikes and interference that can fry them out completely.


– 12 Foot long cord for easy reach to outlets

– Integrated cord management system

– Easy access to outlets behind furniture


– None

12FT Long Power Strip Surge Protector

The 12FT Long Power Strip Surge Protector is heavy duty, and long enough to plug in your laptop, game consoles, speakers and more. This makes it large enough for modern business settings or college dorm rooms without too many outlets! It’s also certified which provides an extra level of protection against fires that might be caused by power surges (surges can sometimes bypass fire-rated cables).

The 12 Foot Power Strip Surge Protector is great for setting up your home theater, especially if you have a lot of messy cords. The power strip is sturdy and built to last through construction, which means that it can withstand everyday wear and tear even when it’s being moved around or knocked over. It also has two USB ports so that you don’t have to change your surge protector location just to charge your laptop at the same time as other devices.

This power strip provides extra outlets for plugging in all of your devices. On the back of the surge protector, behind a safety cover, is a single USB port perfect for charging your phone or other portable devices. The flat plug makes it convenient to fit this 12-foot long cord behind furniture without getting caught on anything and coming out from under it which can be so annoying!

The surge protector has a large dial that allows you to choose between three amperage ratings; one appliance holder; and ten protected spaced outlets. This product is sturdy with its metal casing around the whole body with enough weight that when my two-year-old toppled over his toy light socket adapter onto it (and yes he laughed like crazy!) instead of bending right up like it normally does, it did not move an inch.

This surge protector is like having ten outlets without the hassle of having to deal with long cords which can get caught up in things or tripping someone if they are not careful. It’s very good for home theater systems and computers thanks to the USB charging capability.


– Certified, that provides extra protection against potential fires

– Durable construction withstands everyday wear and tear

– Clear dial to choose the amperage rating

– Sturdy with metal body

– Enough weight for it not to move when objects are pressed on it


– No lighted area so you have to feel around for the outlets

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector with 12 AC Multiple Outlets

The Belkin P2450 Surge Protector offers comprehensive protection for today’s high-tech life. With 12 AC outlets, you have plenty of room to plug in all your plugs without worrying about being too close to the wall or other devices. The surge suppressor plugs into an AC outlet and has three sliding safety covers that protect against surges. Additionally, there are two USB ports on the front panel so you can charge up your mobile devices while working nearby.

This Belkin surge protector not only allows you to plug in your laptop, phone charger, hairdryer, and curling iron at the same time with ease – it also has a convenient switch on the top of the unit which provides 2 settings. One is for “ON” use when you need to power up all devices simultaneously while another is perfect for off-times when you are not using electricity.

These are designed exclusively with 12 AC outlets that won’t heat up with extended use unlike other bulky power strips with 6 or more connections. The high-end metal housing will keep these resistive plugs safe from harmful parts nearby electrical wires or contact surfaces.

The Belkin surge protector has 12 AC outlets to safely connect and power all your electrical devices. With 4 regular outlets, 2 battery backup outlets, coaxial satellite jack connectors, telephone ports (RJ11) and 3 USB charging ports-the Belkin Surge Protector is perfect for today’s appliances that require various plugs to charge or sync with computers. The back of the unit features little feet so it can sit on top of furniture without getting in the way. Outlets are spaced far enough apart to accommodate large transformer plugs (up to 10mm).

The Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector with 12 AC Multiple Outlets, 6′ Cord is perfect for enhancing the electricity flow in your home. The surge protector has 6 outlets to get all of your devices charged up at once. With this product, you can protect all of your electronics from power spikes caused by storms or other natural disasters. It also comes with a 3-year warranty so you can feel confident without having to worry about any mishaps happening along the way.


– Comes with 6 outlets for all your devices

– Gives you peace of mind with the 3-year warranty

– Prevents power spikes caused by storms


– None


Power Strip , Tcstei Surge Protector with 12 Outlets

The Tcstei Surge Protector is a necessity for any home or office. It includes 12 outlets, 3 of which are shutdown-protected to stop energy wasted on power-consuming devices. This means it saves you money without costing you convenience by automatically turning off your electronics after the predetermined safety period has passed.

The surge protector also comes with coaxial and phone line protection so that your high speed internet connection will always be up and running no matter what happens! Anybody who purchases this product guarantees themselves quality as well as durability as its heavy duty metal construction is designed to last for years!

The twelve outlet surge protector from Tcstei provides enough room for all those plugs where they’re needed most in a single space. With three “shutdown” outlets that automatically turn off the power when the internal sensor detects no signal, the surge protector is UL 1449 3rd edition and CSA C22.2 certified to ensure its safety and reliability.

The TCSTEI Surge Protector with 12 Outlets instantly eases any worries you may have about power spikes and surges. The internal circuitry ensures complete protection of all your devices, preventing them from getting fried due to an unexpected surge in voltage or sudden alteration of the electric grid. Its high-quality metal casing not only spells durability for your product but stylishness too!

The 12 outlets are evenly spaced on it’s cord, allowing for all of your electronics to have access to electricity. It also comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about any future problems.

It also includes integrated child safety covers to ensure no one can accidentally access the outlets. This unit includes overload protection as well as touch-sensitive LED indicator lights to show when it’s on or if there are any problems with the circuit. The design of this unit incorporates ABS material which makes it resistant to heat and impacts alike.


– Fits all plug types

– Includes overload protection and LED indicator lights

– Design of this unit incorporates ABS material

– Comes with a lifetime warranty


– None

12 Gauge Power Strip Benefits

The 12 gauge power strip is a versatile product that can be used as an outlet extender. The 12 gauge power strip allows you to provide access to many different electrical outlets from one location.

The 12 gauge power strip is a versatile product that can be used as an outlet extender. The 12 gauge power strip allows you to provide access to many different electrical outlets from one location. This is a practical and useful product for those looking to organize their outlet extension cords and prevent the cord from tangling together. The other practicality of this product is that it can plug into other types of outlets, such as 16 gauge or 20 gauge, which might not have been originally designed for them.

You can plug multiple high-powered devices into a power strip with 12 gauge wire, which is thicker than 14 gauge wire. A higher gauge wire provides more current, so thicker wires are ideal for large, high-power appliances like air conditioners or electric ovens. Check your device’s power specification before purchasing the cord because some appliances need special sizes. Power strips don’t come with their own warranty, but they do protect your equipment from electrical surges and overloading.

12 Gauge Power Strip

A 12 gauge power strip is a type of power strip that isn’t like any other. a 12 gauge power strip can be used in some home or office appliances. 12 gauge power strips enable you to plug several items into the same type of voltage. They are safer to use than other types of power strips because they are made with wire that has a higher insulation rating. These types of plugs are also easier to use because they aren’t as heavy, don’t have too many plugs, and always stay in place on the outlets.

The 12-gauge power strip contains six outlets that are spaced apart enough to accommodate bulky adapters. This is especially advantageous when plugging in large appliances, such as refrigerators, because it prevents the risk of the bottom of the adapter touching the ground. The overall length of the power strip is also convenient for users with limited outlet space.

Additionally, this type of power strip is grounded and covers a wide voltage range, which is good for people who travel internationally or use appliances that are not compatible with USA standards.

12 Gauge Power Strip

A 12-gauge power strip is a good option for individuals who are on the go. The 12-gauge power strip allows for easy receptacles so there is no need to find an open outlet to the plugin. It also features two independent switches that allow the user to control all outlets at once or turn off one of them if they do not wish to use either side.

If you are looking to create a power supply for your home or business, consider wiring just one 12 volt supply. This will help reduce the costs of investing in the wiring since it is sufficient for supplying power to any 12 gauge powered circuit. It can also be used in place of solid cable when running low voltage cable. This will save money on your project.

Factors To Consider Before Buying 12 Gauge Power Strip

When you’re looking for a 12 gauge power strip, it can be difficult to know which one is going to work best.   But there are a few factors you should consider before making your purchase.  These include the number of outlets, whether or not surge protection is included, and how many joules of energy each outlet has. Here’s what you need to know about these three features before buying any power strips-

Number Of Outlets

This is very important to consider. You should always try to have one more surge-protected outlet than you actually need so that if you ever do experience a power surge, then at least one of your devices will remain protected. This is where buying an extended cord can really come in handy (see number 1 above). For example, if the device needs four outlets for all of its connections, then purchase a power strip with five outlets. This will give you one extra slot and still allow you to use all of your devices at once without the need to unplug anything.

12 Gauge Power Strip

This will depend on how many devices you want to be plugged in at once and where they will be located. For most homes with two floors and an attic or basement, we recommend getting a 12-outlet strip that includes six plugs on the first floor and six more on the second. This will give you plenty of outlets for all your devices and the four plugs closest to each wall plug can be used by those devices located on that floor.

Surge Protection

A big benefit of a power strip is that it offers surge protection, which means if there is an increase in voltage like when lightning strikes, the strip will shut off to prevent damage to your devices.

While less expensive strips might not offer this feature, it’s highly recommended by most experts because electronics can be costly to replace. Surge protection is measured in joules with the lower the number, the better. For instance, an 8-outlet strip that offers 700 joules of protection is way better than a 16-outlet strip with only 400 joules.


These days, power strips are more energy-efficient and provide the same number of joules as they did in the past when using less electricity. So if you’re looking for an energy-efficient model, it’s best to choose a strip with built-in automatic shutdown technology.

There are lots of other details you might want to consider before buying your power strips, but these three features stand out as the most important because they can mean the difference between having working devices and having some or all of them damaged by electricity surges.

12 Gauge Power Strip

Length of Cord

The cord needs to be long enough for you to plug it in comfortably and still have some slack so you can maneuver around it without unplugging your other devices or tripping on the cord. You should also take into account how far away an outlet is from where you plan on using the device and what kind of outlets are available there (e.g., three-pronged, two-pronged).

If this isn’t possible, then try getting a power strip with a longer cord that includes an extension cable like those made by Belkin or Monster Cable that will give you more options in where you can plug the device. These types of power strips are a good investment if you know that when setting up your entertainment center, office or anything else, you’ll need to have more than one wall outlet available in order to accommodate all of your devices.

Surge Protection

The next important factor is whether or not the device has surge protection and how many joules it provides (see number 5 below). Surge protection can save you a lot of money. This is especially true if the device has any audio or visual components, which are often very sensitive to power surges. You’ll need to decide for yourself how much surge protection is enough and go from there. The higher the joule rating, the more expensive it will be and the more protection it will give your devices.

If you would like to know how to choose the proper power strip for yourself, the following video will be helpful to you:

FAQs 12 Gauge Power Strip

Does the 12 gauge powerstrip have surge protection?

Yes, the power strip is indeed surge protected. It includes 3 outlets and 3 sockets that are designed with a total of 1800 joules of surge protection. The power strip also has an 80-hour rating and it can be used in your office or at home.

Can I plug in my heater into this kind of power strip?

Yes, you can plug your heater into this kind of power strip. It has 3 outlets and the one where the heater will be plugged in is good for up to 1800 watts. You can also use it at home or in an office setting.

Is this 12 gauge power stripe UL listed and ETL certified, too, like our other products?

This 12 gauge power strip is UL listed and ETL certified. It also includes an outlet that is designed to take up to 1800 watts of power. The capacity to support such an amount of power means that it can be used in both office and home environments. This product comes with a 3-year warranty and we will give you a 12-month full refund if you are unhappy for whatever reason.

12 Gauge Power Strip

Is there an uninterruptible Power supply that works with a 12 gauge power strip?

There is an uninterruptible power supply that works with a 12 gauge power strip. It is called the PowerBear and it has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports for charging electronics. The PowerBear also comes with a 40,000-joule protection and lifetime warranty.

Is it okay to plug in USB devices into a 12 gauge power strip and will they work normally?

Yes. One of the outlets on the 12 gauge power strip is good for up to 1800 watts and can handle a heavy load you want to plug into it. It should not affect other devices plugged in if both devices use an equal amount of electricity. For example, a 1 amp charger should be able to charge a device that needs 1000ma without any problems if other electronics are not being used at the time. However, please make sure your charger specified voltage output matches your device’s input specifications as well as whatever power strip you’re using before using or charging it back up again to avoid possible damage from overcharging or under-powering your gadget.


The 12 gauge power strip is a great product for anyone who needs to charge many devices at once. It’s also perfect if you’re looking into an alternative that doesn’t require any installation or hardwiring. Whether you need the security of backup plugs in case one goes out, or just want to add some style and convenience to your home office, this power strip will take care of all your charging needs without breaking the bank!

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