There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding a 1938 or 1939 French edition of Vogue magazine that features Frida Kahlo on the cover. I have been researching the life and works of Frida Kahlo since 2003 and during my research I have read numerous accounts in books, magazines and internet articles about this … Read more


Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns 1940 In this painting, Frida paints herself in a frontal pose to enhance the immediacy of her presence. She has unraveled Christ’s crown of thorns and wears it as a necklace, presenting herself as a Christian martyr. The thorns digging into her neck are symbolic of the pain she … Read more


What the Water Gave Me 1938 This painting is sometimes referred to as “What I Saw in the Water“. Unlike most of Frida’s paintings, this one has no dominant central image. It is a symbolic work illustrating various events from the artist’s life and incorporates numerous elements from her other works as well as some … Read more