The Broken Column 1944 This self-portrait is in sharp contrast to Frida’s other self-portraits in that she is all alone… no monkeys, no cats, no parrots, and no background of protective leaves and plants. Instead, Frida stands all alone crying on a vast baron plain beneath a stormy sky. Perhaps it’s her way of expressing … Read more


“The only thing I know…” Frida Kahlo once said “… is that I paint becauseI need to.” “I paint my own reality…I paint what ever passes through my head withoutany other consideration.” “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the subjectI know best.” As a young woman, becoming a painter was not … Read more


The Two Fridas 1939 Shortly after her divorce from Diego Rivera, Frida completed this self-portrait of two different personalities. Frida’s diary says this painting had its origin in her memory of an imaginary childhood friend. Later she admitted it records the emotions surrounding her separation and martial crisis. On the right, the part of her … Read more


Henry Ford Hospital 1932 On July 4th, 1932, Frida suffered a miscarriage in the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. In this disturbing work, Kahlo paints herself lying on her back in a hospital bed after a miscarriage. The figure in the painting is unclothed, the sheets beneath her are bloody, and a large tear falls … Read more

Paintings year

Still Life, Roses 1925This is one of Frida’s very first paintings. It is done in the typical European “Still Life” style. At this point in Frida’s life she had no interest in pursuing a career as an artist. Her goal was to become a doctor. Shortly after this painting was finished, a terrible bus accident … Read more

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